Ghana Jollof VS Everybody Tee


It’s one of the most interesting and heated food debates amongst the diaspora. I’d even say it’s the most epic food beefs of all time. I’m talking Drake vs Meek Mill- Epic. Twitter rants have ensued, diss tracks have been dropped and all in the quest to answer one question. Which African nation makes the best jollof? If you have any doubt of the seriousness of this question. I’m going to need you to pull out your phone and call a Nigerian friend- or better yet log on instagram right now and check the memes. It’s hilarious. Jollof- the beloved rice dish cooked in a delicious sauce takes on various forms, flavours and shades across many countries in West Africa. From Senegal to Ghana to Nigeria to Sierra Leone and several other countries- jollof rice has been and still remains a highly contested food. And a battle this legendary deserves attention.